Polymers for architectural coatings

We strongly believe in offering the best possible solutions to our partners while simultaneously helping to preserve our planet for future generations. With our Picassian® polymers portfolio, we are doing just that. These water-based polyurethanes are designed to allow customers to formulate zero or low VOC formulations.
Durable and resistant
Our self-crosslinking acrylic emulsions, co-solvent-free polyurethanes and VOC-free crosslinkers are widely used throughout the architectural coatings value chain. For instance, take Relca® PU-476, a co-solvent-free polyurethane dispersion for wood with outstanding resistance to stains and cleaning solvents. It is also co-solvent free and has 40% bio-content, meaning it is based on plant-based materials, including bio-succinate. Another example is Picassian® AC-169, a zero VOC acrylic emulsion for wood furniture with high blocking resistance. AC 169 is fast drying, easy sanding and self-crosslinking for optimum surface properties.
Carbodiimide crosslinkers
Crosslinkers are chemicals that react with polymers to improve the physical and chemical properties of a coating. Stahl is one of the few polymer companies to produce carbodiimide crosslinkers to complement its resins. This patented technology is used worldwide to formulate high-performance architectural coatings.
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