Children proof Polymers for wooden furniture and toys

Wood is making a comeback in our interiors. The organic shapes of wooden furniture are appealing to the modern consumer. To protect wooden furniture from scratches caused by adults and children, Stahl Polymers introduced Relca® HY-460. This truly natural solution is harmless to both furniture and humans, so you do not have to worry about a child’s natural sense to explore. We have discussed this with Edgar Alarcón, Technical Business Support Stahl Polymers Spain.

“For the little ones, we have specifically created an all-natural polyurethane that can be used to finish wooden furniture and toys”, Edgar Alarcón explains. “As you may expect from a ‘safe’ solution, it is solvent free, but the fact that this solution is based on vegetable oils might surprise you. Relca® HY-460 contains 33% soy oil, resulting in a beautiful appearance and sheen.”

From wooden trains to children’s chairs, they can all be finished with our solution for a durable, child-safe finish. But, Relca® HY-460 is also used for modern furniture and it gives vintage mid-century furniture a new lease of life. “Due to its relative hardness and good chemical resistance, it perfectly protects furniture for years to come. As the solution is natural, it is renewable and sustainable for the environment.”

“Based on initial feedback by specialist carpentry firms, we are expecting Relca HY-460 to be the perfect sustainable solution for carpenters looking for a reliable and safe solution to use as a finish for their beautiful products.”

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