Polymers for coil and metal coatings

Stahl is the global market leader in leather chemicals and performance coatings and we have over 50 years’ experience in polymer technology. This means we know what formulators need: quality products and outstanding service. With our rapid response system, tailored advice and flexible conditions, we are the partner you can rely on. Everyday, everywhere.
Corrosion-resistant, no compromise on performance
From polyurethanes used in thin organic surface treatments to novel acrylic resins used in industrial structures, our innovations prove that improved corrosion resistance is possible without compromising other properties. Picassian® AC-280 acrylic emulsion is such a product, providing outstanding corrosion resistance for direct to metal coatings and significantly better performance than standard styrene acrylic resins.
Carbodiimide crosslinkers
Crosslinkers are chemicals that react with polymers to improve the physical and chemical properties of a coating. Stahl is one of the few polymer companies to produce carbodiimide crosslinkers to complement its resins. This patented technology is used worldwide to formulate high-performance and more sustainable coatings - reducing air pollution and the impact on the environment in general. Our VOC-free crosslinkers can be used in your coating system to improve chemical resistance significantly

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