Hardwood flooring that can take a beating

Hardwood flooring is timeless. Think of the classy flooring in colonial buildings. The material seems to be alive and gives an extra dimension to any interior. In order to really be able to ‘live’, hardwood floors need a coating to make them last. A finish that is durable, sustainable and that offers a natural shine. To keep the natural materials truly natural, Stahl Polymers developed a polymer based on natural oils. Stahl Polymers Spain Technical Business Support Edgar Alarcón talks about the benefits of this sustainable solution.

“We made a solution that gives hardwood flooring everything it needs to last. Based on vegetal oils – linseed oil to be precise – Relca® PU-476 is naturally resistant against scratches and abrasions. The solution is completely solvent free and based on renewable resources. So, Relca® PU-476 is a natural solution for a natural product,” Edgar explains. “42% of the solid content in Relca®PU-476 is based on renewable resources, which makes the product sustainable for both flooring and the environment.”

“The polyurethane can take a beating and offers good chemical resistance. Relca® PU-476 gives floors their natural shine. Our solution is particular popular as a coating for wooden floors, but it can also be used for other interior design features like book cases and even adheres to metal surfaces. It is safe to say the product is a perfect solution for architectural and interior design firms,” he continues.

“Initial feedback for Relca® PU-476 is full of praise. We are expecting architectural and interior design firms to embrace this product when they are looking for a sustainable product as a finish for their designs.”

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