Innovative Solutions

Stahl's ambitious approach to sustainable product innovation is the main driver for our sales growth. Creating products that make a real difference for the world. From probiotics for leather to biobased polyurethanes. Have a look at some of our frontrunner solutions:

Leather Chemicals & Finishing

Proviera® Probiotics for Leather™ 
When using Proviera® Probiotics for Leather™ in the early (‘beamhouse’) stage of the leather process, the amount of traditional chemicals to clean and prepare the hide for tanning is reduced significantly. Being 100% natural, Proviera® Probiotics for Leather™ minimizes the effluent load during the cleaning process while improving leather quality. 

Stahl EasyWhite Tan™ 
Our wet white solution to create chrome-free leather. An obvious environmental benefit is the reduction in the consumption of water, salt and energy in the tanning process, but without compromising on leather quality. 

Green PolyMatte® 
The secret of Stahl's PolyMatte® portfolio lies in water-based polyurethanes forming a matt and smooth surface structure during the film forming of coatings. The technology is used extensively both in the coatings and leather industries. With green PolyMatte®, the polyurethane backbone is partially based on renewable plant-based resources, while maintaining the soft feel and matt surface properties.

With the Stahlite® system, you can reduce the weight of leather by 20-30%, while maintaining its full thickness. Lower weight leather has obvious environmental benefits, especially in the automotive and aircraft industries.

Performance Coatings 

Our STAHL EVO portfolio is fully compliant with the ZDHC MRSL (Manufacturing Restricted Substance List). By using this new generation of polyurethane-based products, it is possible to eliminate DMF from the processes and simultaneously reduce water and energy consumption. Popular in the manufacture of garment and footwear, STAHL EVO products have a proven potential now that more and more parties are switching away from solvent based products.

Powder Coatings 
Stahl has a joint venture with OEM NuTech, an innovator in powder coatings for heat sensitive surfaces. Like Stahl, OEM NuTech has a strong focus on sustainability and their eco-friendly coatings are now a key part of Stahl’s portfolio in the architectural coatings segment. Powder coatings for wood are a good example because they are free of metals and have zero volatile organic content. 

Biobased Polyurethanes 
Stahl has achieved bio-content levels of 35% by designing water-based polyurethanes and the use of renewable raw materials. We are now ready for the next step. We have begun working on high-performance polyurethanes with significantly higher biocontent.
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