People & Society

At 13 Manufacturing Sites and 38 Application Labs in 24 countries, Stahl employs a workforce of 2,000+ employees. All these people are committed to our guiding principles of trust, honesty, personal growth, innovation, creativity and team work. With a workforce that is 78% male and 22% female, Stahl is an equal opportunity employer in all its locations worldwide. 85% of our employees are on permanent contracts. 

Code of Conduct
Our active Code of Conduct policy is being implemented throughout the supply chain and this ensures human rights and the environment are respected by all of our partners. Related to this, a whistleblower policy is effective with clear rules that allow employees to report suspicious behavior that could be in conflict with the Code of Conduct. Fortunately, there were no incidents of corruption during 2015.

Personal growth
"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” This Benjamin Franklin-quote is a guiding principle at Stahl. As an innovative company in chemicals and leather, personal growth and knowledge are pivotal to us. For example, our international management training program, initiated in 2013 and extended after the Clariant Leather Services Business acquisition, was completed in early 2016. The program involved 123 middle management employees from around the world and focused on leadership and general management skills. It was widely viewed as a positive initiative for the company and a source of motivation for the staff.

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