Polymers for Printing & Packaging

We are the global market leader in leather chemicals and performance coatings and have over fifty years’ experience in polymer technology. This means, we know what formulators in the printing & packaging are looking for: quality products and outstanding service. With our fast technical support and client-centered approach, in combination with our tailored advice and flexible conditions, we are the partner you can rely on. Everyday, everywhere.
Wide range of Picassian® polyurethanes for flexible packaging
Webbing is a common phenomenon in inks during printing of flexible packaging, which results in inefficiencies in printing lines. In response to this, we developed Picassian® PU-551, an elastomeric polyurethane which can speed up the printing process. The key benefits of Picassian® PU-551 are:

  • Alows for for high-speed printability in laminating inks by preventing webbing
  • Film forming, semi aliphatic, hydroxy functional for effective pigment grinding
  • Easy formulation of laminating inks

Stahl has a range of Picassian® polyurethanes for flexible packaging. Our polymers enable complex, multilayer food packaging structures to withstand exposure to the conditions associated with cooking or freezing. As a result, delamination is prevented and the consumer experience is enhanced. 

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