Restricted Substances List

A fundamental element of most company’s chemical management system is a Restricted Substances List (RSL). Next to adhering to the Manufacturing Restricted Substance List (MRSL) launched by the ZDHC Foundation in 2015, we took pro-active action with our own Stahl Restricted Substances List (RSL). Our list contains substances that we believe will be restricted by the industry or deemed undesirable in the future. Obviously, our RSL list has implications for our suppliers, as substances on this list cannot be used in the development of any new products. We constantly share our vision on sustainability with our suppliers. Once they are on board, they are informed continuously about our policy via updated lists of potentially restricted materials.

It is safe to say that sustainability has become the primary topic of conversation with our suppliers. We only work with suppliers who have demonstrated full commitment to sustainability. Together, we are constantly on the look-out for competitive and durable alternatives to the products and services that can harm the environment or may be non-compliant in the future.?

As a result of our sustainable partnerships, many new raw materials are being evaluated such as:
  • renewable plant-based resources, which can substitute existing synthetic raw materials derived from fossil fuels
  • biodegradable products which can be incorporated into our products to reduce the waste effluent of our customers
  • low toxicity alternatives to organic solvents
  • smart packaging
  • materials free of restricted substances (RSL)
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