Relca® water-based matt binders: matt appearance, smooth solution

Consumers of today and tomorrow expect high quality products that combine luxury with the highest possible levels of durability and sustainability. As the public demand increases for sustainable materials the call for VOC-free, water-based products grows. At the same time, the public wants these more sustainable products to have that appealing matt appearance. It may seem like an impossible combination, but it is a combination that can be achieved with the solutions Stahl Polymers has to offer. Our Relca® matt binders create great matting effects in a more sustainable, water-based, way.

Our Relca® matt binders consist of next generation water-based resins, that not only lower the gloss levels significantly, but also ensure long pot life and have excellent UV resistance. These properties, combined with the sustainable advantages, make these next generation matt binders ideal solutions for use in a great variety of applications, like architectural application, plastics, metal coatings and flexible packaging. We have created a video highlighting the possibilities of this next generation matt binders Stahl Polymers offers. You can watch it here:

Rich effect, rich resistance 
The Relca® portfolio consists of various solutions, each with their own properties. Relca® PD-805, for instance, is a VOC- and surfactant-free matting resin that contains no formaldehyde, amines, solvents or heavy metal. It not only creates a luxurious matt appearance, but also offers benefits as UV protection, scratch-, stain- and blocking resistance. Other solutions are Relca® PD-802 and Relca® PD-804, our water-based, anionic dispersions of matt binders that combine a rich matt effect with high flexibility and a soft touch.
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