Longer life for wood thanks to more sustainable coatings

Wood is one of the most beloved materials for our home interior, furniture and even toys. We want it to maintain its natural warmth and unique character, but also offer longevity and at the same time provide a safe environment for our children. What if designers and manufacturers have the option to offer all of that?

Our Relca® PU-476 and Relca® HY-460 are more sustainable and durable solutions for wood coatings. Both are solvent-free, water-based and modified with natural oils. This makes them completely renewable and free of any hazardous effects. These solutions are suitable for furniture, parquet floors and even wooden toys, creating that lasting quality manufacturers are looking for.

With Relca® PU-476 and Relca® HY-460, Stahl Polymers has combined sustainable and long lasting quality with almost zero VOC emission. They are instrumental in creating interiors with better air quality, making our homes safer and healthier environments for our children to grow up in. Thanks to the great abrasion, scratch and black heel mark resistance, interiors can last for years and retain their beauty.  

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